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    Hello! Welcome to Guangzhou Huaxia bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd!
    Strength merchant

    Strength merchant

    坐擁專業研發團隊 打造無人能及的核心優勢


    Leading equipment

    Leading equipment

    Guangzhou Huaxia biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.            introduces the most advanced emulsification        equipment from Germany. Inheriting German             washing and maintenance technology, experienced      old experts, different specifications of vacuum emulsification equipment, to meet your different              needs of production.


    Aseptic workshop

    Automatic ozone device,Ensure the cleanness and sterility of cosmetic packaging materials,
    And provide good environment guarantee for product quality. Equipped with pneumatic filling machine, high-precision electronic scale, aseptic production line and other advanced equipment, the air detection system is operated according to GMPC standard.

    Intimateservice system

    Service system

    Provide the following services: washing product marketing planning consulting, design product architecture, registered trademark, freight management, quality inspection agency, washing product technical consulting

    About Us

     Guangzhou Huaxha biological co., LTD. Focuses on the production, development and service of skin care and cosmetic products. The main business is cosmetics and skincare products OEM/ODM OEM service, skin care materials, hand sanitizer, beauty and hairdressing products. The factory has passed GMPC, ISO22716 international standard certification, covering an area of 33,000 square meters, including GMP 100,000-level synthesis workshop, packaging purification workshop, preparation workshop, washing daily workshop, skin care production workshop, research and development center, quality control center, our company has a strong research and development capacity and quality control ability.


    Qualification certificate

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